Sliding Door vs Hinged Door: What’s the Difference?

Sliding Door vs Hinged Door: What's the Difference?

Sliding Door vs Hinged Door: What's the Difference?

You might always have doubt in your mind, which is better, a sliding door or a hinged door? Both of these styles can provide design appeal and great functionality. There are a lot of differences to be considered while selecting between these doors. If you are looking for Aluminium Sliding Doors or Aluminium Hinged Doors, we have got you covered. Now let us know more about the difference between both doors.

What are Sliding Doors?

Sliding doors are an entryway option mostly seen in both residential and commercial properties. These doors are often used in modern homes as they are aesthetically pleasing and provide easy access to rooms and spaces. Aluminium Sliding Doors are made of glass and aluminium because they are doors that are ideal for living areas like patios, conservatories, and balconies. 

The advantage of sliding doors is that they don’t require clearance for people to walk through them, making them ideal for small or narrow openings where a regular door would take up too much space. Therefore, they can be used for small rooms and tight spaces since they don’t take up valuable floor space when they are open.

What are Hinged Doors?

The Aluminium Hinged Door is another popular option found in both residential and commercial properties. It opens by swinging away from the frame when it’s opened. This door has hinges at its edge that attach it to an adjacent surface or to either side of the doorway. There are several types of doors available, including single doors, double doors, and bi-folding doors, depending on their size and application.

It is possible to manufacture hinged doors using aluminium and glass, which provides benefits such as energy efficiency, soundproofing, and aesthetics. Due to the fact that they can be conveniently fastened to them, hinged doors present an effective and attractive solution for many entrances. In general, hinged doors provide convenient security for the user.

Key Difference – Sliding Doors vs Hinged Doors

Both of these styles of Aluminium Sliding Windows or doors provide great functionality and design appeal, these are some important differences to consider before making a decision. 

Outer View:

Ease of Access:

Thermal Efficiency:

It is easier to maintain a consistent thermal seal when Aluminium Sliding Doors are fitted into their frames, unlike hinged doors. This usually leaves small gaps when closed, which means you don’t lose as much cool air. Furthermore, sliding doors do not require opening outward or being swung open, making them ideal for those who wish to improve their indoor comfort while reducing their energy consumption.

Space Saving:

sliding door offers excellent space-saving potential because it does not interfere with the interior design of a space because it remains intact on the wall while it is open. Depending on their width and how far away they swing, hinged doors can take up a considerable amount of space. Some styles of hinged doors have outward openings rather than inward openings, allowing them to remain unobstructed and free of obstructions.

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