Hinged Doors & Windows

FAM Aluminium designs and manufactures the most standard types of hinged doors onto the door jamb, either on right or left and windows also. We manufacture hinged doors as single doors or double doors that are fixed with Aluminium or glass cladding.

FAM Aluminium also manufactures Aluminium windows that have become indispensable in the construction of modern buildings. These Aluminium windows bring functionality, durability, and design to residential and commercial spaces.

We can design and manufacture hinged doors and windows in custom sizes or a customer can choose from a wide range of standard hinged doors and windows. A customer also has a choice of configurations.

Features and Benefits

  1. Easy to operate and maintain
  2. Available in anodized finish, in a wide range of powder-coated colors, or in wood-look coatings.
  3. Customs sizes available, up to extremely large sizes
  4. A wide range of innovative styles and different ways of openings
  5. Long service life with high performance
  6. Resistant against distortion and corrosion. Also safe against harmful effects on the environment.
  7. Great insulation against sound and inclement weather.
  8. Can be designed and manufactured with various security features like fire-resistant, burglar-resistant, and bullet-resistant.

Aluminium Profile Options

45-105mm Hinge Series

45mm Hinge Series

45-105mm Hinge Door Series

Multiple Glazing Options

  1. Float Glass: Available thickness 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm.
  2. Reflective Glass: Available thickness 5mm & 6mm, etc.
  3. Tinted Glass: Available thickness 5mm & 6mm, etc.
  4. Obscured Glass: Available thickness 4mm, 5mm & 6mm, etc.
  5. Laminated Safety Glass: Available thickness 4mm+0.38 PVB+4mm, 5mm+0.38 PVB+5mm, 6mm+0.38 PVB+6mm, 6mm+0.76 PVB+6mm, etc. 
  6. Tempered Glass: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, etc.
  7. Insulated Glass: Available air spacer thickness 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm & 12mm, etc.

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