Aluminium Rolling Shutters

FAM Aluminium has almost 25 years of experience in the fabrication, assembling, and installation of Aluminium rolling shutters. These shutters are made with the highest quality material and finest workmanship that you will find in the industry. The Aluminium rolling shutters are custom-built by us to suit your needs, whether commercial or residential!

Our next-generation Aluminium shutters are light-duty door solution that are versatile for specific uses and has an excellent design and makes it perfect for installations with limited space. In order to protect your business from theft and vandalism, FAM Aluminium rolling shutters are the best choice for your home or business as these are the ultimate security choice to protect your biggest investment.

Our Aim:


The aim of FAM Aluminium is to help you secure your;

    1. Storefronts
    2. Doors
    3. Doorways
    4. Windows
    5. Pass-through windows
    6. Closets
    7. Storage rooms
    8. Lockers

You have a comprehensive security system with our Aluminium rolling shutters. When a security shutter is brought down, it locks automatically making it almost impenetrable. Law enforcement representatives say that our rolling security shutters are best against unwanted guests.


  1. Doors
  2. Windows
  3. Patios
  4. Storage
  5. Custom


Standard max-width

  • 4000mm

Standard max-height

  • 4200mm


  • Face-of-wall or between jambs mounting.


  • Interlocking extruded 37 mm aluminium slats. Nickel-plated, steel screws and end locks are used to retain the curtain within size and prevent lateral movement. Plastic roller retainers are used for curtains over 16′ width.


  • Silver powder coat is used to give a mimic look of clear anodized aluminium; Bronze powder coat is used to give a mimic look of bronze anodized, White or Almond.

Bottom Bar

  • Aluminium compact bottom with vinyl bulb seal


  • Steel plates’ powder coated to match curtain


  • For a perfect match of curtain, Aluminium 2 piece square hood powder is coated


  • Extruded Aluminium barrel housing counterbalance spring assembly


  • Manual push up 
  • Automatic roll up 


  • Slide bolts (interior, coil side); left and right sides

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