Behind Closed Doors: The Fascinating Installation Process of Automatic Sliding Doors in the UAE

Automatic Sliding Doors Installation UAE

Behind Closed Doors: The Fascinating Installation Process of Automatic Sliding Doors in the UAE

Have you ever wondered about those smooth-gliding automatic doors gracing your favourite UAE mall? At first glance, they might feel like everyday fixtures, but trust us, there’s a fascinating installation process happening behind the scenes! If you are planning to add a touch of modern convenience and elegance to your retail space, then fasten up your belt as we unlock the secrets of the installation process of automatic sliding doors in the UAE.

Why Embrace Automatic Sliding Doors?

We know that first impressions matter a lot. The automatic sliding doors in Dubai elevate your entrance, create a welcoming ambience, and create a sophisticated atmosphere. They offer a plethora of benefits, which include the following:

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: If you are running a retail store in Dubai, then it will be ideal if you install automatic sliding doors. It will be effortless for the customers to enter and exit. It will create a positive impact on customer flow and accessibility. 
  • Improved Energy Efficiency: When the talk is about energy efficiency, there is nothing better than automatic sliding doors. They help maintain a comfortable climate by minimising drafts. You do not need artificial lighting, as the large glass panels of these automatic sliding doors in Dubai will allow more natural light into the building or property. Thus, you can save energy and reduce electricity bills too.
  • Enhanced Security: Modern-day automatic sliding doors come with safety features, armed with sensors that can detect any obstacles in the door’s path. These safety features enhance security by not allowing unauthorised access attempts that might involve encroachment and damaging the door.
  • Modern Aesthetic: The automatic sliding doors in Dubai epitomise a sleek and contemporary aesthetic, seamlessly blending functionality with style. These doors enhance the modern architecture that is prevalent in the city. They also elevate the overall ambience of any space they adorn. Be ready to fall in love with their clean lines and smooth operation, and install these invaluable doors with the help of automatic door manufacturers.

Pre-Installation Preparations

Before diving into the installation process, we at Fam Aluminium, one of the best automatic door manufacturers in Dubai, undergo meticulous planning and preparation. Take a look at the crucial steps we take before the big day (installation day):

  • Site Survey: The first and foremost step. Our experts will visit your property to assess the space, measure entryways, and discuss your specific needs.
  • Door Selection: Our promise to you is that we will guide you through the installation process. We can sit down, and you will get to choose the best system to complement your space and functionality.

Installation: A Step-by-Step Guide

Moving on to the Installation Phase: The process typically involves:

  • Demolition (if needed): Your existing doorways might need adjustments to accommodate the new system, which is the automatic sliding doors in Dubai
  • Frame Construction: Building a sturdy frame is like creating the skeleton for your aluminium sliding doors. It supports the door panels and ensures smooth operation.
  • Track Installation: Specialised tracks are mounted to guide the doors’ movement.
  • Door Panel Placement: The sleek glass or aluminium panels of the automatic doors are carefully aligned and installed.
  • Sensor and Automation Setup: If applicable, you can integrate motion sensors, safety features, and access control systems.
  • Testing and Calibration: Finally, the whole system will undergo rigorous testing to ensure safe operation and safety compliance.


After the final inspection, your automatic sliding doors are ready to impress your guests and friends. The installation process might seem complex, but experienced automatic door manufacturers like Fam Aluminium in the UAE will ensure a smooth and efficient experience.

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