Tips for Maintaining and Caring for Folding Doors in Dubai

Tips for maintaining bifolding doors

Bi-Fold Doors Add Value to Your Home

Bifold Doors are nowadays an addition to many people’s homes. This is because these types of doors provide plenty of natural light, space, and access to other rooms and outdoor spaces. Our cleaning activities are not what most of us consider fun activities, but it is imperative that bi-fold doors be cleaned and cared for regularly in order to make them last. The clean glass will help make your doors glide smoothly for years to come, as will the smooth motion of the doors. 

Here, we have gathered all the tips for the maintenance of Bifold Doors. How to clean Foldable Doors, how often to clean them, and how to get the sparkle back in your glass – we answer all your frequently asked questions.

Check the installation of your doors

Although some experienced people may find installing bifold doors easy, there is a greater risk of significant issues and damages. Additionally, warranty coverage may be voided. To ensure a proper installation, it is crucial to rely on experienced fitters like Fam Aluminium. Our professional team provides various Bifold Doors services, guaranteeing accurate installation of each door and window.

How Often Should Bifold Doors Be Cleaned?

Folding Doors in Dubai require minimal maintenance. Cleaning the glass when necessary is advised, and an annual comprehensive service is recommended, including lubricating the locks and wiping down the frames. If your property is near the sea, more frequent cleaning is suggested due to salt deposits, with rinsing every fortnight or weekly. For locations with higher dust and air pollution, cleaning every 3-6 months is advised. Before using a cleaning solution, remove dust buildup with a soft cloth or feather duster.

How to clean the tracks of bifold doors?

To prevent potential damage, promptly remove debris or foreign objects such as pet hair or stones that may fall into the bifold door runners. Clean the tracks by using a thin vacuum cleaner nozzle or a suitable cleaning device to eliminate dirt and dust. If the doors encounter resistance and have difficulty moving smoothly, avoid forcefully pushing them. Instead, check for debris in the tracks and remove it. Some doors may require lubrication with silicone spray after cleaning. Before using any other spray or oil, it is advisable to consult us to avoid potential complications. We can recommend the appropriate product for your specific door model, if necessary.

This article will give you insight into how keeping bifold doors in good shape is a relatively simple process. If you take the time to properly maintain your doors, they will last for several years.

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