Fajr Al Madina Group

About Us

FAJR AL MADINA Group founded by Mr. Mohammed Iqbal S/o Mohammed Abdullah in 1987.

FAJR AL MADINA is a Dubai based compnay who has been manufacturing & trading Aluminium Profiles, Buliding Glasses Aluminium Windows, Doors, Curtain Wall, Awing Windows, Bi-Folding Doors, Frameless Glasses and Casting Products Since 1987.Now FAJR AL MADINA grown and expanded its wings to other emirates of UAE and Exporting to interanational boundaries.

Fajr Al Madina services both international and domestic markets, offering a full design and supply of material assisting architects and home owners with design feasibilities and manufacturing options to ensure projects meet and or exceed all criteria.Fajr Al Madina prides itself in providing high quality products systems that are designed and manufactured in UAE.

At Fajr Al Madina, we are oriented to fulfill our obligation to customers most expeditiously and diligently. To us, customer service is not the end of all, but a begining for every process.

We are today benchmarked for fast delivery, promptness in our responses in the whole of manufacturing fraternity. For us customer service is not a doctrine, but a philosaphy of doing business.

While we have been continuosly upgrading our technolagies and equipment to ensure consistent product quality. Our team of dedicated and seasoned professionals ensure that the process are controlled and service threshold are ever improved. This website is only a broad guideline to our customers, giving information of products readily available with us. We are continously enhancing our products library and hence we welcome your most valuable inquiry for new projects.